Evolve to Get Second Season Pass

It looks like Evolve has content so nice they needed it twice… well, 2K Games felt the need to give players a second season pass, at the very least. Evolve Hunting Pass 2 is coming to the title and it will be available for grabs on June 23rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This new pass will bring four new hunters to the game, a new monster, and some exclusive new skins. The first new class that players will be able to enjoy is Lennox, the new Assault class. Lennox will be the first class to feature a melee attack and she’ll also come with a mechanized suit and a Plasma Lance.

2K has already expressed that they are invested in the future of Evolve, and Take-Two feels the same way. “As you know, Evolve is very multiplayer-focused, and that’s worked for people–we’ve had something like 27 million game sessions played,” Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick stated. “And we’ve sold-in over 2.5 million units. We’re really happy with where it’s going. It isn’t 10 million units…yet. But it is an important franchise for us.”