Exiled Morgana Cosplay is a Beautiful Fallen Angel

Morgana lived in a world of winged beings, but like any world it was torn by war. Morgana’s family is one of those split apart by the fighting. Morgana believes that individuality and freedom is more important than the perceived tyranny of those fighting to unify the world under one central government, such as her sister Kayle. While Morgana is seen as the aggressor in the conflict, Kayle struck the first blow by disowning her own blood. This led Morgana down a dark path, one where she amassed great amounts of dark power in order to crush Kayle. It also led her to the League of Legends, where she can defeat her foe over and over again.


Elle Cosplay recreates Morgana’s Exiled skin in a beautiful cosplay. Going with a slightly lighter color palette than her other skins, gold and red tones create the perfect image of a fallen angel. Red stained wings, blonde hair, and gold and red top and skirt are amazingly done. Photo effects really bring to life Morgana and her exiled status.

exiled-morgana-cosplay-3 exiled-morgana-cosplay-4

Photography by CAF Foto Cosplay