Exotic Space Beauty Lum Cosplay Entices More Than Just School Boys


Lum Invader of the planet Oniboshi was constantly getting into trouble. That is until the day the Oni tribe invaded Earth and she met Ataru. Mistaking his exclamation as a proposal for marriage, she has stayed on Earth with the main goal of marrying him as marriage vows are sacred in her culture. This connection to Ataru has led to her being one of the main characters in the series Urusei Yatsura. She is a laid back girl until someone angers her, which usually ends in them being zapped by her electrical discharge. While quite intelligent, she is extremely naive about life on Earth, though she takes on the role of the loving wife well.


Lum’s ensemble consists of a tiger stripped bikini and matching go-go boots, which draws the attention of many of her male classmates. Cosplayer NaTemari embodies the technologically adept beauty precisely. With perfectly colored attire and amazing crafted tiger stripes, NaTemari is enticing. Long blue hair trails down her back and Lum’s teeny horns poke out from the top of her head. The photos highlight Lum’s laidback nature and even her ability to fly. NaTemari makes the perfect Lum!






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