Explore Atlantis With a Cosplay of Kida!

Photography by Andrea Bonvissuto

Easily the most shafted Disney princess, next to Eilonwy, Kida is a fan favorite. Regardless of how Atlantis: The Lost Empire tanked in 2001, folks always stand up for her all around the web. She’s a fierce, strong, and gorgeous heroine who demands attention. Her character design alone is daring and unique! Plus, for being roughly 8,500 years old, she’s lookin’ good!

Photography by VertigoZX

Cosplayer, Alessia Azalina, totally stuns in her recreation of the barefoot beauty, with a choppy styled and layered white wig, against rich tan skin. The cottony pale blues of her bikini and sarong pull it all together for that iconic palette. She includes each of Kida’s memorable details, including the face paint and crystal necklace. Kida fans, rejoice!

Photography by supergiu74

See more lovely cosplays by Alessia over at her DeviantArt!


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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz