Ezra Scarlet Cosplay is a Fierce Warrior

Ezra Scarlet is one of the preeminent mages in the guild Fairy Tail, even taking over as temporary Guild Master. A master of Requip magic, which allows the user to swap weapons, clothes and armor at will, she is rumored to have over 100 different armors. So skilled is she that she can change weapons quickly during combat, giving her a distinct advantage over her enemies. Not only is she a master of Requip magic, Ezra is has telekinetic abilities and possesses Sword magic, making her a master swordsman.


Scarlet Cosplay is absolutely epic in her Nakagami Armor Ezra Scarlet cosplay. The skin tight armor fits perfectly and is held together in the middle with a red ribbon. Red hair is adorned with golden clips, radiant tiara and haloed by the large white sash. Lion pauldrons done her shoulders and the rest of the hardened armor pieces match this motif. Wielding her large halberd with the circular hand guard in the middle, she is a fearsome opponent.

Photography by Libel Costographer