Ezra Scarlet is a Red Hot Babe in This Amazing Cosplay

Fairy Tail has been a popular anime for some time now, collecting hordes of fans over the years. The anime centers on Lucy Heatfilia who runs away from home in order to join up with Fairy Tail, a wizard’s guild famous for how destructive its members are. Ezra Scarlet is a part of the Fairy Tail mages, her skills earning her an S-class ranking. Her name might derive from that fact that she’s got long scarlet hair — or maybe it’s just a coincidence. As far as personality goes, Ezra can be quite strict more often than not criticizing the actions of her fellow Fairy Tail mages. Ezra Scarlet is also quite the impatient one, often disliking those around her who don’t answer her questions in a timely fashion. She’s not all bad though, as she’s also describe as beautiful, cool and full of passion.


Seeing as she knows how to uphold standards but does so in a way that’s admirable. That’s probably why cosplayers have taken to donning any one of Ezra Scarlet’s outfits. Tanzoir is one of the many to take a stab at becoming Ezra Scarlet but she’s done one of the better, more refined jobs with it. Her take on Ezra Scarlet is not only stunning — the outfit itself being perfectly detailed, but it’s beautiful as well, Tanzoir doing bringing Ezra to life.


Photography by Katrix Media Site