Fall In Love With This Faye Valentine Cosplay

Faye is a complicated character in the Cowboy Bebop series. She was cryogenically frozen for many years, and after waking up, she couldn’t remember who she was before her cryogenic sleep. Faye accumulated a serious debt from being frozen and chooses to live on the run performing petty thefts and scams in order to survive her new life.

faye-valentine-cosplay-2Skunk Cosplay looks exactly like Faye does in the anime! She has her short, choppy, purple hair along with the yellow crop top. She even adds a cigarette to represent her unhealthy and excessive habits. Faye isn’t the most well rounded of characters, but Skunk Cosplay does a great job in showing how visibly striking she is!faye-valentine-cosplay-1faye-valentine-cosplay-3