Fall in Love With This Heartseeker Ashe Cosplay

Ashe is one of the more popular Champions of the League of Legends. Her weapon of choice is her magic bow which is made entirely out of ice. She used the magic of her bow and her influence to help reunite the tribes of the Freljord, and she led them to become one unified and great nation once again. This Ashe Cosplay captures her essence perfectly.

Heartseeker Ashe Cosplay by Ivy Cosplay

Heartseeker Ashe Cosplay 2
Seen in Ashe’s Heartseeker skin, Ivy Cosplay looks like a queen! One can truly appreciate how much work and detail went into this cosplay, but most of all the bow! Her bow is truly a beautiful piece of art that Ashe would be proud of. Ivy Cosplay certainly does the name “Heartseeker” great justice. Well done!



Photography by Oriol Mas Fotografia