Fall Under the Spell of This Bewitching Bayonetta Cosplay


Bayonetta wields the Left Eye, overseeing darkness, and is an Umbra Witch. With a penchant for Bullet Arts, she is a force to be reckoned with even after sleeping for 500 years. Fighting through hordes of Angels from Paradiso, she works to uncover her lost memories and regain knowledge about her past. Having a sadistic nature, she enjoys fighting as a way to vent those urges, often being playfully brutal to her angelic enemies. Usually calm and callous, her emotions start to show in her caring attitude towards her Clan Sisters.


TraumaticCandy Cosplay utilizes Wicked Weave techniques to slip into Bayonetta’s skin tight black body suit. Heels adorned with red guns matching the ones she is wielding in her white gloved hands finish the outfit. A beehive that turns into a ponytail is adorned with red ribbons. Glasses give her that sexy teacher feel but don’t let that fool you, with her Umbra Watch on her chest she is ready to kick ass.