Fall Under the Spell of this Succubus Cosplay

Succubi have been included in various forms throughout history, not just in video games. A ravenous woman with unparalleled beauty, this demon seduces men for their nefarious, often sexual, purposes. In various legends, the demon would enter into a man’s dream in order to take advantage of them, appearing grotesque and horrifying. In modern times, succubi can appear whenever and often have taken the appearance of a ravishing woman in order to achieve her goals. In the game Ragnarok Online, a succubus is an enemy the player can encounter. If lucky enough, the player can transform a succubus into a pet, taking advantage of their abilities and high level.


Cosplayer Disharmonica transforms herself into the pretty pet with her amazing Succubus cosplay. Twisted red horns grow out of her shimmering blonde hair. Red leathery wings, red bustier with fabric flowing off it, black bikini bottom, and black lace garter finish off her attire. Wearing maroon arm wraps and boots, she is gorgeous. Men clamor for her attention as she poses seductively. Disharmonica makes a perfect Succubus.


Photography by eZhika