Fallout Shelter Gets Played 70M Times in A Day

Fallout 4 is bringing back the hype to the Fallout franchise, and it’s not that anyone could blame gamers for getting excited. Bethesda offered a handful of goodies in regards to the title — like a gameplay trailer and even more at E3. Though, Fallout 4 doesn’t hit until November 10th, which means gamers needed something to hold them over. What might suffice until November comes around? Well, Fallout Shelter, of course. For those who are playing — myself included, it’s their newest addiction. Being able to build your Vault from the ground up suckers you in, and you strive to get your shelter so be self-sustaining. It seems that the Fallout Shelter grind is real and those who have flocked to the title are constantly wanting more and more of the game.

But more interesting might be that Fallout Shelter has reached numero uno in the app store, and has gamers tapping in, collectively, 70 million times a day just to play it. The title surpassed King’s Candy Crush within two days of its release and as it’s only currently for iOS one can’t help but question what might happen if it were available for multiple platforms.

“We play games on our phones all the time, and have always wanted to make one,” Bethesda‘s game director Todd Howard said. “To have our first mobile game be enjoyed by so many is stunning. It just shows that gamers appreciate more depth and being treated fairly… It also shows people love Fallout as much as we do.”