Fate Stay Night Saber Cosplay is Worthy of the Holy Grail

The Fate/Stay series has become wildly loved throughout the years.  It features action-packed, battle-ridden sequences along with lovable, empathetic, or even malicious characters whose journeys and tribulations as they fight to attain the Holy Grail keep us on the edges of our seats.


One character who has appeared in multiple installments of the Fate/Stay series is Saber.  Saber is a loyal, powerful swordsman who is cunning and a master at her craft.  She embodies true bravery, just as Lux Cosplay does in her incredible cosplay of Saber.  Lux Cosplay’s Saber cosplay shows an insane amount of talent when it comes to costumery, as do her other creations, which you view by visiting her Facebook page.


Photography by Melenea and greencat