This Fate/Stay Night Cosplay Archer Rin Crossover is Stunning

We love the anime series Fate/Stay Night.  It is filled with intense action sequences along with emotional, dramatic dilemmas that make it a show that is binge-worthy.  On top of the epic storyline, the anime’s artwork is truly beautiful and vibrant, and I can never quite seem to get the opening song out of my head.  All in all, Fate/Stay Night is a superb anime that should surely be on your “must watch” list if you haven’t yet seen it!

Fate/Stay Night Cosplay by Megan Coffey

Fate/Stay Night Cosplay Crossover

Fate/Stay Night is filled with awesome characters, so it might be hard to decide which character you would like to cosplay as.  Well, cosplayer Megan Coffey eliminated that issue by combining two of the show’s characters into one!  Megan cosplays as both Rin Tohsaka and Archer in her beautiful cosplay.  She sports Rin Tohsaka’s hairstyle while feminizing Archer’s apparel, making for one perfect cosplay matchup!





Photography by Jordan Ong