Fear the Mighty Barbarian Looking to Test Her Strength in this Cosplay


The Barbarian class of Diablo III is special in that it is the only class to be carried over from the second installment of the Diablo series. A character class focusing on brute physical strength, not only allowing for ferocious attacking power but the ability to wield Mighty Weapons, the Barbarian is a fearsome foe. With an unrivaled expertise of weapons, surely this is someone you would want to have on your side in a battle.


Lilith Cosplay brings the Barbarians might to life with her female barbarian cosplay. Taking inspiration from Diable III artwork, the focus on detail is amazing. The designs and emblems on the armor are well executed. The chains are realistic as are the metal pieces on the armor. What really makes this cosplay epic, though, are the weapons. They are extremely deadly looking and the craftsmanship is flawless. The design is precise. Lili-cosplay kicks it to the next level by adding blood stains to the weapons, blood smears on her body as well as having the cloth pieces on her armor torn and battle worn. The finished piece looks like it just stepped out of the game from a gruesome fight to prove her mettle as the strongest barbarian of them all.


Photography by Shudan Pictures




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