Feel the Power of the Succubus With These Amazing Morrigan and Lilith Darkstalkers Cosplays

Today we are looking at two beautiful succubus’s- female demons who take the form of a sexy woman in order to seduce men into bed. These are none other than Morrigan and Lillith, two of the main characters of the Darkstalkers series. Morrigan Aensland is a confident, conceited, and playful succubus. She is not entirely evil like all the other demons in her realm, rather is strangely approachable and friendly, despite her glamorous and imposing good looks. Even so, Morrigan had enormous power that she couldn’t control, so she had her soul split into three unknowingly. One of these souls being Lilith, a free and loving type.


We’ve found two amazing Morrigan and Lilith cosplayers to look at. Yukilefay and MariRainha pull these off exceptionally well and their attention to detail makes these costumes exquisite. The feathers around the shoulders give a gorgeous effect, and make them look more realistic to original design. Their tights have a crisp clean bat design throughout them, their leotards fit perfectly and show off the body shapes beautifully. The wings are fluid in design and sit well behind them and on their heads. They’ve both paid a lot of attention to detail – including having their nails done, and wearing the exact same coloured contacts as their characters.





Make sure visit Yukilefay and MariRainha’s DeviantArt pages for more photos from this shoot.

All photos taken by photographer Marcelo Colin

Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen