Feoranna Shoots Us with this Mind-bending Jinx Cosplay!


Who hasn’t heard of League of Legends? Probably most of you know Jinx, the loose cannon, one of the most famous characters of this MOBA, but for those who don’t know her yet, there is no better way to introduce this incredible character than with this cosplay from Feoranna.


Jinx is a funny character that hates being bored, so she is dedicated to wreak havoc wherever she goes to avoid this feeling, especially annoying her sister Vi. As you can see, bringing Jinx to life is not easy work, that’s why we couldn’t overlook this awesome Jinx representation. The fabrics chosen have the perfect tone and the wig is just flawless. Moreover she did great work with the props, which is not easy at all, and she took a lot of care with Jinx’s tattoos. So as you can see, she has taken care of every detail, even the bullets’ form and color. To finish, we want to congratulate Feoranna and the photographer Cloud City Photography for taking these epic photos.





Written by Guest Contributor: JubyHeadshot
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