Ferngully’s Adorable Crysta in Radiant Cosplay

FernGully: The Last Rainforest may have debuted back in 1992, but its appeal has lasted through the years. It features the awesome voice talent of Samatha Mathis, Tim Curry, Robin Williams, Jonathan Ward, and Christian Slater, and was (and still is) a timely statement on environmentalism and the dangers of deforestation. It was also a really fun movie, filled with emotional moments and memorable characters.

The star of the film is a young fairy of 15 years named Crysta. Crysta is curious about her world, but still rather naive. It’s Crysta who speculates the return of the evil Hexxus when she sees smoke near Mount Warning. She investigates and discovers that humans are leveling trees in the forest, putting all of FernGully in danger. In spite of this, the wee sprite comes to the rescue of a young human male named Zak, accidentally shrinking him to her size in order to save him from a falling tree. Crysta, Zak, and her fruit bat friend Batty Koda embark on a wild adventure. Meanwhile, Zak’s human cohorts cut down an enchanted Baobob in which Hexxus was magically imprisoned. Hexxus begins absorbing the pollution from the tree leveler, grows in power, and is able to manipulate the lumberjacks and their equipment to destroy FernGully and take revenge on the fairies.


With disaster and destruction looming ever closer, it’s up to Crysta and her fellow fairies to stop Hexxus and save FernGully. After the elder fairy, Magi Lune, sacrifices herself, Crysta must take charge to save the day. She shows how brave and dedicated she is to her land and her people by seeming to sacrifice herself, but through powerful fairy magic, she and her friends are able to trap both Hexxus and the tree cutter that was destroying the forest. FernGully: The Last Rainforest is also a “coming of age” story for Crysta. She shows bravery, loyalty, compassion, and a willingness to sacrifice herself for others. She is driven by curiosity, and through her adventures in the film, is made to understand the magical powers of nature she is set to inherit from Magi Lune.


It’s easy to root for Crysta. She’s spunky, inquisitive, in many ways a typical teenager (albeit a fairy teen with magical powers), and is completely adorable. This lovely cosplay by the Artful Dodger wonderfully captures Crysta’s unquenchable curiosity and spirit. And just look at those incredible fairy wings! The subtle detailing and semi-sheer fabric is perfect. The Artful Dodger did an excellent job with Crysta’s top and skirt, too. Crysta doesn’t wear a whole lot, and the Artful Dodger kept would could be a skimpy costume very much on point, making it fun and cute without making it too sexy for a 15 year old fairy. Of course, we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention the artfully tousled hair and luminous green eyes. This is an inspired cosplay chock full of glorious nostalgia for the 1990’s. The one big difference between the original Crysta and the Artful Dodger’s version, is that animated Crysta is cute, while the Artful Dodger’s Crysta is strikingly beautiful.

Photography by Jessica K



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