A Fierce Kill la Kill Ryuko Matoi Cosplay

Photography by Angel Ortuno

Ryūko Matoi is not your typically playful school girl who enjoys giggling her days on campus away, while crushing on the hottest guy that walks the halls of Honnōji Academy. If you were to cross her path in the halls, the last thing you would want to do is challenge her, because Ryūko’s personality is as fierce as her red and black feathery hair and she will not hesitate to ream hell on those who dare to cross her path.

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-2Photography by Hidrico

While Ryūko has a few awesome outfits to sport, none of them are as epic as her black and red Kamui Senketsu that she wears in battle in order to gain her immense power for all her ground shaking battles. When Ryūko wears this outfit, she literally has to join forces with a living sailor uniform that feeds off of her blood to provide her immense powers on the battlefield. Cos2play has done an epic job at crafting her version of the living uniform that feed off of Ryūko. She teamed up with prop assistants, Marie and Zonda, and expert wig stylist, Galactic Goddess, to bring Ryūko’s fierce personality to life.

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-3Photography by Angel Ortuno

Wearing a Kamui means that the person has to let it become one with them, and Cos2play has done a splendid job at making sure her version of Ryūko’s Kamui Senketsu has become one with her, as she has managed to successfully pull off one extremely revealing cosplay without looking out of her element. With the help of amazing photographers, it truly looks as if Cos2play is powering up for her next big battle as she searches near and far to find the other half of her insanely awesome red scissor blade.

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-4Photography by Hidrico



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi