Fight Against the Angels: An Asuka Cosplay!

It all seemed as though Tokyo was facing certain destruction. Being overrun by powerful alien war machines, known as the Angels, many citizens lost hope for survival. Fortunately though, a new technology arose: the Evangelion, a fighting machine that could handle all of the Angels’ brute force and deal them the same, if not more damage. Commanding such intense weaponry would require a large amount of skill- a skill in which few wield. But one of Evangelion’s pilots, Asuka Soryu, is more than capable of such a feat.


Asuka was beyond elated on the day that she was accepted to become an Evangelion pilot. Yet the proudest day of her life was shattered upon finding out that her tormented mother had committed suicide. After an experiment gone wrong, Asuka’s mother went insane, confiding in a doll which she thought was her daughter and neglecting the human Asuka. After that day, Asuka faced a supreme hatred for dolls and her temperament changed to one in which she is constantly lashing out on others. Poor Asuka becomes lonely and starts to hate herself for the way that she has been acting, constantly letting her aggressions get the better of her, even to those that she cares for most. Yet, this doesn’t stop her from keeping her duties to the Evangelion, and she remains one of the most committed, reliable, and talented pilots.


Cosplayer Vera Green hops into Asuka’s pilot suit in stunning fashion. With a spot-on costume, Asuka’s signature long, red hair, and an adorable smile, it is without a doubt that Vera expertly portrays Neon Genesis Evangelion’s lovely pilot.


Thanks to photographer Envy the One for these awesome shots!


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