Fight Evil by Moonlight with this Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon is the leader of the Sailor Scouts, a group of magic girls from across the galaxy. Sent to live on Earth with her guardians, princesses of the planets, the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. Found years later by Luna, Serena is awakened to her powers and role as Sailor Moon, protector of the innocent and destroyer of evil.


Usually featuring a sailor inspired outfit, Sailor Moon has received a badass fan art by AsuROCKS. Cosplayed by Zombie Bit Me, this one piece custom made white latex bodysuit features gold designs and red trim. Red boots adorned with the golden crescent moon and matching red gloves complete the look. Her gold tiara with red jeweled center is ready to turn into a hard hitting attack. While the cosplay is not complete based on AsuROCKS fan art, Zombie Bit Me is ready to kick evil ass regardless. I cannot wait to see the full cosplay of this epic version of Sailor Moon.

sailor-moon-cosplay-3 sailor-moon-cosplay-4

Photography by Novii Photography