Fight Ghouls with Flair with Juuzou Suzuya Cosplay

After just finishing re-watching Tokyo Ghoul for the second time yesterday, I was quite excited when I came across this remarkably accurate cosplay of the quirky yet badass ghoul investigator, Juuzou Suzuya.  Suzuya is know for his pale, pure-white appearance, and self-induced red stitches, but is also a renowned investigator who not only fights, but fights with upbeat, spunky flair.


Cosplayer Yumizu-Chan makes a wonderful Suzuya in her cosplay that is wonderfully accurate to the source material.  Yumizu-Chan is all stitched up and emitting a bright white glow, just like Suzuya himself.  Check out Yumizu-Chan on Facebook for even more cosplays!