Fight off a Cold with this Nurse Akali Cosplay

Akali was raised from a young age by her mother to be a member of the Kinkou, an ancient order tasked with keeping the balance in Valoran. Though the training was grueling, Akali was inducted into the order at the age of fourteen. Succeeding her mother as the Fist of Shadow she works to maintain the equilibrium, doing things others may find morally questionable. To this end, Akali made her way to the League of Legends.


Taking a break from her regular tasks, Akali dons a nurses uniform and tends to the sick. It is this fun skin that Dysama has chosen to recreate. Wearing the red and white nurses uniform with thigh high white stockings and nurses cap, she is super sexy. Wielding her perfectly crafted kama, she hides in the bushes ready to pounce on her next target. Dysama has done a superb job with her Nurse Akali cosplay.

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Photography by Camila Toledo