Fight the Blight With This Cosplay of Dragon Age’s Lady Hawke!

The world of Dragon Age is a dark and dangerous place, filled with creatures constantly trying to kill you and bandits trying to rob you. One might think it would be hard to survive, considering the massive invasion of Darkspawn that occurred, creating what became infamously known as The Blight, a horrible time for citizens of Ferelden.

Photo by Panzer-bjorn

Even so, the powerful Lady Hawke managed to escape with her life, and it is up to us, the players of Dragon Age, to figure out where life will take her next, in order for Lady Hawke to defeat her blood-ridden past and become one of the most powerful people in all the lands. Although Lady Hawke is just a human, she is sure to defeat all of the dangers that she comes across.

Photo by Misaki-Sai

Cosplayer Kirana created one of the most amazing cosplays of Lady Hawke that you will ever see. Incredibly detailed and armed with fire, ready for battle, Kirana shows us just how mysterious and formidable Lady Hawke truly is.

Photo by Misaki-Sai