Fighting Evil by Moonlight Retro Style with this Sailor Moon Cosplay


With the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime, moon bunnies are multiplying! Nostalgia abounds as Sailor Moon hits our TVs (or iPads) for the first time in what seems like an eternity. Girls and boys are pining for Usagi and Mamo-chan all over again. It’s truly a wonderful time for Sailor Moon!

Everyone knows Usagi – the epitome of a blonde ditz. Her clumsiness is redeemed by her big heart and unwavering loyalty to her friends and family. As children, we aspired both to be as strong as her and forged friendships under moonlight. Sailor Moon is an anime and manga legend and deservedly so. We were able to relate to her as the average high school student and then to look up to her as the regal Princess Serenity and brave Sailor Moon.

sailor-moon-cosplay-3Photography by Peter Munoz

With the resurgence of the Sailor Moon fandom, we have seen many cosplays of classic and original designs of Sailor Moon. Adorable Mexican cosplayer, Azulette Cosplay, has brought us two variations and looks equally epic in both! We have swimsuit Sailor Moon and retro Sailor Moon. Be sure to check out Azulette’s page for more amazing cosplays!




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