Fill Your Pokedex with this Ash Cosplay

Ash is the most well known character in the Pokemon series besides the actual Pokemon themselves. The first star of the show, Ash travels all over the world to catch as many Pokemon and fill his ever expanding Pokedex. Training his favorites at the time, Ash meets a wide variety of people, good and bad on his adventures. Helping professor’s young and old to learn more about the world of Pokemon, their evolutions and where they come from, Ash has been a figurehead for the series since its inception.


Anissa Cosplay takes Ash and gives him a gender bend in her Ashley Ketchum cosplay. Sticking with his iconic colors, she struts her stuff in a black crop top, blue mini skirt and blue and white vest. Black knee high stockings, blue legwarmers, blue fingerless gloves, and Ash’s hat finish off the attire. Holding a pokeball, Anissa scrounges the world, ready to catch her next Pokemon.


Photography by Harrasaki Photographie