A Final Fantasy Cosplay That Will Summon Your Gaze

Rydia of Mist, a pure blood summoner with minty green hair and an immense dedication to stop Golbez, has been brought to life by Spanish cosplayer Yurai.  Born in the village of Mist, Rydia is one of the few pure blood summoners remaining in Mist. Her mother protected the village with the Eidolon Mist Dragon, but then, Cecil the Dark Knight and his companion Kain were ordered to deliver an item of great significance to the village and slay the Mist Dragon that blocked their path. As a result, Rydia’s mother is killed. She puts behind her dark past in order to defeat the Man in Black, Golbez.


Take a look at Yurai’s work and you will be amazed by the amount of craftsmanship put into this Rydia cosplay.  This Rydia cosplay is amazingly crafted and immensely detailed everywhere. Your gaze is summoned to all different parts of the costume, from the embellishments on the corset and the loincloth, to the hair and the makeup artistry. Yurai’s Rydia cosplay is top notch and is absolutely exquisite.




Photography by Hidrico
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