Final Fantasy Week: A Stunning Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay


This week we have been providing you guys with the best of the best Final Fantasy cosplays around the globe. On Monday, we featured an adorable Rikku and Yuna cosplay duo, and yesterday showcased an incredibly realistic Lulu cosplay. Today, we will be showing off a cosplay of one of All That’s Cosplays favorite cosplayers: Vanessa Wedge in her lovable Rinoa Heartilly cosplay.


Rinoa Heartilly is one of the main protagonists in Final Fantasy VIII and has long since been a fan favorite of Final Fantasy fans. She is a symbol of compassion, love, and loyalty; yet she isn’t afraid to whip out her specialty weapon, the Blaster Edge, and take down her opponents in stunning fashion. Always willing to fight for what she believes in, Rinoa goes out, seeking to make a change in the world.


Vanessa Wedge, also known as StyleChameleon, perfects every cosplay that she creates, just has she has done with her Rinoa Heartilly. Her cosplay is natural, beautiful, and carefree- just like Rinoa herself. We are absolutely loving this!