Final Fantasy XV Demo Getting Update, Publishes Survey Results

In the latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report webcast, director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Akio Ofuji took some time to go over the results of the survey distributed at the end of the Episode Duscae demo, as well as discussed fixes and tweaks coming to the demo in an update scheduled for mid to late May. In the survey, some interesting data came about when comparing the answers given by Japanese, North American, and European players. Overall the game garnered an 8.3 out of 10 score globally, with North America voting 8.6, Europe an 8.3, and Japan an 8.0. When asked why they stopped playing, 20% of Japanese players responded that they didn’t like the characters, to which only 5.4% in North America responded with, and 5.1% in Europe. 20% of Japanese players also claimed to not understand the goals, a feeling that only 1% of North American and European players shared. 14% of Japanese players felt the game was too difficult, to which roughly 2% of North American and European players responded to. Overall, 74% of Japanese players, and 82% if North American and European players who played the demo said they will definitely buy Final Fantasy XV when it comes out.

Further on in the Active Time Report, Tabata went on to detail a series of updates coming to the Episode Duscae demo, including camera and targeting fixes, basic dodge rolls, and other combat improvements. The team is also working on addressing framerate issues, however that update likely won’t be in the May update. The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and requires a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 in order to play. Check out the webstream below.