Final Fantasy XV Video Shows Off Graphics and Gameplay

Tokyo Game Show provided some of the most epic announcements and videos/trailers we have seen all year, but not all of it was given to the public eye outside of the event. Now, a video has surfaced online and the footage was taken at Tokyo Game Show. The video offers a closer look at Final Fantasy XV. Exploring the games graphics, combat, and a little bit of the story, this video is one of the best coming out of the show so far.

Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2015

The first half of the video boasts all about the graphics while exploring some of the games beautiful environments. The second half, after around the 5:30 mark, is when the action heats up after a giant Behemoth appears and smaller enemies spawn all around. If this game is exactly what you’ve always dreamed of, and you absolutely cannot wait to get your hands on it, there is no need to worry because Square Enix announced that a demo for the game will be made available with copies of Final Fantasy Type-O HD when it releases in March of 2015.

Final Fantasy XV is still in developement without a release date, but will be launching on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.