Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Considered For Dissidia: Final Fantasy

With more and more crossover games for their Final Fantasy franchise on the market such as Record Keeper, Theatrhythm, and Dissidia, Square-Enix has been surprisingly reluctant to parade Noctis, the main protagonist of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. In an interview with Koei Tecmo director Takeo Kujiroaka, Square-Enix producer Ichiro Hazama, and Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi, the black haired new lead man could very well appear in the new Dissidia: Final Fantasy fighting game, however only after Final Fantasy XV hits the market.

Speaking on the subject, the three said, “We’re thinking about it. He would likely use something like his Phantom Swords. There are some of us that have already been putting some thought into it, saying “If Noctis will be in it, how will he perform the warps he has?” But this will have to be after Final Fantasy XV releases. It would be a little much to play as a Final Fantasy XV character in arcades so soon after the demo.” Dissidia: Final Fantasy is currently being developed for Japanese arcades, however the development team are creating the game using PlayStation 4 hardware, so an eventual PlayStation 4 version is not out of the question.