Fionna Finally Comes to Life in Adventure Time Cosplay


The Ice King has a passion for writing. Writing what? You may ask. Well, fan-fiction! The star of his story, his lovely protagonist? None other than a gender-bent Finn named Fionna and her side-kick Cake, another stretchy animal. Fionna not only closely resembles Finn, but her personality is similar, their adventures are similar, even their love interests are similar! The Ice King is obviously a lonely person, as one day he hopes to make Fionna real and marry her. If he wasn’t so cold it might be adorable.


If only the Ice King knew that Fionna has come to life thanks to a fabulous cosplayer by the name of Kitty Honey! Wearing her rabbit hat with blond hair peeking out, blue shirt and skirt, white socks and black mary janes, the Ice King would surely be drooling. With her green backpack and wielding her Crystal Sword, Fionna is ready to fight for her friends or become a better person.


Photography by Magic Alex Photo



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