First 30 Minutes of the Japanese Release Fatal Frame V Revealed

International reception of the horror franchise Fatal Frame has, until recently, been something of a cult following. It’s a game series that is spoken about in hush tones and whispers, with series fans citing the game’s unique take on survival horror as one of the best, and most frightening charm points. Set in Japan, Fatal Frame generally involves taking the role of a photographer, trying to survive being haunted by ghosts and other demons with only a camera as their tool to survive. This makes players face their enemy head on, resulting in a truly unique horror experience.

Trailer for Wii U’s Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden Released

YouTube user ka kit has brought our first gameplay glimpse of the newest entry into the Fatal Frame series by posting the first 30 minutes of the game, which was recently released in Japan on the Wii U. The gameplay footage, which, as you can expect, places the player in the shoes of a young woman trapped in a flooded basement, surrounded on all sides by spirits that aim to entrap and devour her. Check out the video below to see more, as I wouldn’t dare spoil it here. Fatal Frame V may not make it to North American shores, but at least we can get a taste of the experience thanks to the marvels of the internet.