Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas

First Glimpses of Ant-Man Film from Marvel’s 75 Year Retrospective

There were certainly plenty of treats in Marvel “From Pulp to Pop”, ABC’s special retrospective of the brands comics and cinematic universe. But one thing definitely new to the Marvel Legacy found its way into the special. Two short scenes from the Ant-Man movie.

And I mean really short. So short that they are both just one shot that a screen cap could do justice to. So here they are!


Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas

Scott Lang and Ant-Man Suit


This is part where nerds everywhere flex their speculative muscles. Cinema Blend’s own analysis makes plenty sense to me. The first shot of Lang and Pym probably takes place later in the film and probably includes some Mike Douglas delivered exposition about the Antman Phlebtonium “Pym Particles formula”, which makes the size scaling of the suit possible.

The second shot likely takes place earlier in the film, judging by details such as Lang’s thief gloves, where he’s likely encountering the suit for the first time while trying to steal it.

Anything else we can glean from these first screencaps? Let us know in the comments below!