Avengers Infinity War

First Look at Avengers Infinity War, Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet

Get your leaks while they are fresh comic fans. The special showing of this recut-recap trailer for Avengers Infinity Wars from the Phase Three announcement at Disney’s El Capitan theater may only be live for a limited time.

The scenes include the first appearances of the Tesseract in the Avengers, the Aether from Thor the Dark World and the Orb from Guardians of the Galaxy. And then the Big Bad shows his face. Thanos, previously only seen, behind the scenes in Avenegers and Guardians of the Galaxy takes center stage with the fully encrusted Infinity Gauntlet held and clenched in our faces.

Check it out below!

In any event the big reveal has been screen capped and you can still see Thanos here.

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

It’s all coming together nicely. Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Saga launches May 2018.


Source: CinemaBlend