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First Look at Star Wars Episode 7 Chrome Troopers

J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot and the host of Hollywood Entities involved in the production of Star Wars Episode have been leading us on a pretty steady trail of breadcrumbs with teases of what we may see in the upcoming film.

Now we have a look at something genuinely new that the Sequel Trilogy may introduce to the Star Wars Galaxy. Rumors have been creeping about new Chrome Armored Stormtroopers enforcing the Empire’s rule. IndieRevolver has our first glimpse of the special new troopers.


Star Wars Chrome Trooper


Star Wars Episode 7 Chrome Trooper


My reactions in chronological order. OOOOH SHINY! What’s with the hood? With the green tinge in the pic it reminds me of Doctor Doom.

But, according to the report, the Chrome Troopers won’t actually wear hoods in the film. Also according to the site, the Chrome Troopers will have something to do with Adam Driver’s character. Supposedly the latest rumor consensus is that Adam Driver plays a noble with an interest in Sith Artifacts. Make of that what you will.

Star Wars Episode 7 is coming to theaters in December 2015. I’ll settle for a trailer in the more immediate future.