It’s a Flawless Victory With This Skarlet Cosplay!

Mortal Kombat is a popular series of fighting games created by Midway, especially recognized for its digitized elements and its mix of bloody and brutal action play. A classic and favorite of many, MK is still running strong amongst gaming fanatics all around. Whichever type of MK gamer you were (or still are), you definitely remember the aches and blisters on your fingers from the constant pushing of the controller to fight off your enemies. Most of the time, this ended with brutal blood splattering, exploding bodies and heads flying off. Ahh, gaming at its finest!


From the many female characters in Mortal Kombat, the kombatant known as Skarlet definitely stood out. One of Shao Kahn’s creations, made by the blood of various warriors and put together with dark sorcery, Skarlet was assigned the task of spying on Quan Chi to reveal his true intentions. A (literally) bloodthirsty warrior, she gained strength from the blood of her opponents which was discovered as both a good and bad characteristic.


A fierce opponent in battle, Skarlet utilizes an abundance of knives during combat, which she uses as both missiles and scrimmage weapons. Her bundle of blood-related techniques allow her to utilize her abilities for both ambiguous and clearly offensive reasons. All in all, a complete badass.


From head-to-toe, cosplayer Laura completely nailed it with her Skarlet cosplay, as she does with all of her incredible costumes. Everything from the metallic red fabric, the precise cut and shaping of the outfit that fits her killer body perfectly, the fitted armor and bold wig, the details on this cosplay are flawless. Not only does Laura deliver with her costume, but she definitely knows how to portray the ferociousness of Skarlet with her stance and diverse poses. It’s as if Skarlet has stepped right out of the game as Laura’s portrayal of the character is a flawless victory!



Photography by Hidrico

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