You Would Be a Fool Not to Love This Franziska Cosplay


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a series of video games starring a defense attorney named Phoenix Wright. The player plays as Wright and must investigate and find sufficient evidence to find their clients not guilty. If the player makes a mistake during trial and investigation, the judge will punish Wright and he will lose health. Each game in the series has a different plots, but they all have most of the same characters.

Franziska von Karma was the prosecutor for many of Phoenix Wright’s cases. She has also assisted the police with investigations. She earned a great reputation with her willingness to do whatever she could for a guilty verdict. She carries a whip with her and she isn’t scared to use it on anybody who crosses her path or provokes her. She often calls people fools when she feels like they are inferior to her.


Calssara makes the perfect Franziska! She appears to be innocent and poised but her expression says otherwise. With blue hair, an amazing dress, boots, and a whip, Calssara pulls this look off perfectly. We plead guilty to loving this cosplay!
Written by Guest Contributor: WonderflexWoman
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