For Your Sweet Tooth! A Vanellope Cosplay!

Poor Vanellope! She can’t remember why, but she knows she only wants to race! The Sugar Rush crew has disowned her, saying she’s nothing but a glitch in the game. Vanellope refuses to take this treatment lying down. Glitch or not, she belongs on the race track! Now, to get that big brute, Ralph, to give her a hand.

vanellope-cosplay-2Disney did it again! Wreck it Ralph went over exceptionally well, and cosplayers all around the world have been going all out on the unique cast’s costumes! Cosplayer Tenori Tiger takes the cake with Miss Von Schweet. Her hair, dazzled with candy sprinkles and topped off with a licorice bow, makes her sugary theme so perfect! Even the mismatched stripey tights are spot on! What makes this costume even more adorable is the cheek and nose blush. Too cute!



Tenori Tiger has a gallery full of incredible costumes! Check them out at her DeviantArt!


Photography by SaitouBou


Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz