Former Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space Devs Team up for First Person Horror Game Perception

Another day, another indie horror game on Kickstarter. But what sets Deep End Games recently announced horror game Perception unique, other than that it’s being developed by former Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space developers, is that the main character, a girl named Cassie, is blind. With those kind of credits, its clear that at the very least, the story and horror elements will be more than plentiful in the upcoming first person horror game.

According to the Kickstarter page for the game, players will use echolocation in order to navigate through the game, with every sound in the game “creates a visual”. Heroine Cassie has only a cane and a smartphone with here as she tries to uncover the horrors of the Estate of Echo Bluff. As of this writing, the game has already made $44,180, with a goal of $150,000. It’s currently set to release on the PC exclusively, with Mac and Linux versions planned for $175,000 stretch goal. To see the game in action, check out the trailer for the game below.




Written bu Guest Contributor: Jon