Foxfire Ahri Cosplay is Red Hot

Ahri always felt different from the other foxes that roamed Ionia. Feeling like she was born into the wrong body, she yearned to be human. With a strong connection to the magical energies around her, she found she was able to absorb the life essence of a human she stumbled upon after a battle. The transformation, however, was not complete, needing to absorb life essence to maintain her humanity. The more she absorbed however, the more human she became, developing a guilty conscious for her actions. Thus she joined the League of Legends in order complete her transformation without harming others.


The Firefox Ahri skin was modeled off the Mozilla Firefox browser. Featuring the same color palette in her splash art, red and blacks are abound. Lili Cosplay transforms into the nine-tailed human in this amazing cosplay. Featuring a black, white and red dress, she casts her charm to ensnare her enemies. The armor pieces are exquisite, with the belt fitting snugly on her hips and the shin guards protecting her newfound human legs. With amazing photo effects to show off Ahri’s abilities, Lili Cosplay is an amazing Firefox Ahri.

Photography by Photogeny Cosplay