Free Gun for Xbox Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Players

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players are getting a new gun today, if they’re playing on Xbox One and Xbox 360 that is. The M1 Irons is a highly decorated revolver with mobility and range, and can be found in the game’s create-a-class mode. In addition to the base gun, 10 loot variants are available as well through Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops, which includes the Gunslinger variant which has a free Akimbo attachment and a Sundown variant which has extended range, as well as an Unforgiving Truth variant that includes upgrades across all parameters.

“This new pistol is our gift as a thank you for the continued support of Advanced Warfare throughout this year’s season of content,” wrote Sledgehammer Games on their blog. “It will be available in your create-a-class and ready to hit the firing range starting immediately.” PlayStation and PC players don’t fret, according to Sledgehammer the gun will be making its way to those systems soon too.