From Yordle to Total Babe, Jessica Nigri Stuns in Veigar Cosplay

There’s not much more adorable than a Yordle, as the masses who play League of Legends generally view them as nothing more than pint-sized cuteness. The larger races seem to become quite protective of them, regarding their high pitch voices and easy-goingness as something worthy of taking care of.  Some might forget that the Yordle are fierce with how calm a demeanor they have, but… there are the select few who turn bad — really, really bad. Veigar is one of the few who is able to strike one with fear, despite his small stature. He’s a master of magical black arts and a corrupter of cosmic energy, both combined making him of the most powerful sorcerers Valoran has ever seen.


As a child, Veigar was not as cruel as he is now — his biggest “fault” being that he was too curious about the world around him. It caused Veigar to join with a group who had to take the fall for a shady deal gone bad, leading to years of isolation in Noxus. It wasn’t for some time after his capturing that Veigar was able to escape, seeking out dark wizards to learn from. It was then that his evilness was sealed and Veigar began to torture those around him.

veigar-cosplay-1Photography by Martin Wong


One might never envision Veigar — or any of the Yordles, as tall, beautiful creatures but all it takes is a little imagination to make something like that happen. Good thing cosplayer Jessica Nigri knows how to turn a vision into a true piece of art. Her take on Veigar is a stunning one, giving the once short Yordle a bit of height — and other assets as well.