Frozen’s Princess Anna is Nothing Shy of Adorable in This Epic Cosplay


Just last year, fans were singing praises for Disney’s animated title Frozen. The story took those who watched on a journey starring two sisters, one of which had the ability to manipulate ice. After losing their parents, the girls must adjust to life without them and life without each other, as Elsa – the sister with ice manipulation, separates herself from the younger of the two in order to protect her. While Princess Anna might not understand her sister’s need to distance herself, unknowing of Elsa’s powers, but that doesn’t stop her from attempting to re-new the relationship the girls once had.


As they grow older and the pressure on Elsa to hide her powers worsens, the ice Queen collapses under the weight, running to her own sanctuary. Instead of believing she’s a monster like Arrendale seems so inclined to do, Anna goes after her sister and tries to convince her to come back. Not only is Anna loyal, but she’s full of spunk and finds the good in everyone –Hans included. That might be why it’s no surprise that she goes after her sister, and in turn does anything she can in order to secure Elsa’s well being – even risking her own life.

The popularity of Frozen not only sparked a love for the movie but a love for the characters, cosplayers all over the world coming up with their takes on Anna and Elsa. When it comes to Nastarelie, she decided to embody Princess Anna and her take is stunning. The details of Anna’s ensemble perfected and executed in such a way that one can’t help but praise.