Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Will Be Strong and Serious

DC Comics will step just ahead of Marvel when it comes to announcing the first of the female-led superhero movies, with Wonder Woman leading the pack. Israeli model-turned-actress Gal Gadot has the role of a million lifetimes and is able to bring the iconic superheroine from the comics to the silver screen. She will also be appearing next to Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in the upcoming movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In an interview with an Israeli publication Ynetnews, Gadot talked about what Wonder Woman will be bringing to the table. Of course, there can be a little bit of a glitch when it comes to translating, so be sure to take this with a grain of salt. Rest assured, though, Wonder Woman will be strong and will have some amazing abilities.

“She has unbelievable endurance. She is exceptionally strong. She can jump really high and practically fly. She knows tons of martial arts styles. She is a strong and serious Woman.”

Some of the attributes will mesh with a daughter of Zeus and it also seems that it could be an origin story for her solo film. With her lasso, sword and her bulletproof cuffs, Wonder Woman will be ready to take on whatever comes her way and will set a path for the rest of the female heroines.

Wonder Woman is expected to release in theaters on June 23, 2017 and helmed by Michelle MacLaren. The two part Justice League movies are also rumored to have Wonder Woman appear and those are scheduled for November 17, 2017 and June 14, 2019.