Game of Thrones Cosplays Shine Brighter Than The Sun and Stars

Daenerys Targaryen was traded to Dothraki leader Khal Drogo in exchange for 40,000 men by her own brother, Viserys . Daenerys wasn’t so keen on being traded to a man that she had never met nor has spoken to, but over time, she and Drogo began to fall in love with one another. During there wedding ceremony, Daenerys  was gifted many things. One gift was three petrified dragon eggs. After some time, another Dothraki challenged Drogo. Drogo overpowered and killed him, but he sustained a chest wound that became his downfall. After Drogo’s passing and the birth of her three dragons, Daenerys  vowed to cross the narrow sea to reclaim the Iron Throne as her rightful place as Queen.

Sophie Cosplay looks amazing as Daenerys! She and Valera Golodov (Drogo) do a phenomenal job in capturing the love the two characters shared. I love how Valera is holding onto Sophie’s stomach to show how much love Drogo had for both Daenerys and his future son. The resemblance that the cosplayers show to their characters in both action and aesthetics is uncanny. Well done!



Photography by La Clover