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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Casting Calls Released

With Game of Thrones Season 5 down to three more episodes, HBO is certainly in preproduction for the sixth season, and that means casting calls for new characters. But which new characters will be introduced this late in the game?

Well, based on the casting calls, we can certainly make some deductions. The loyal brothers at the WatchersontheWall have organized the details for us.

  • Pirate,  man in his 40’s to late 50’s. He’s “an infamous pirate who has terrorized seas all around the world. Cunning, ruthless, with a touch of madness.” He’s a dangerous-looking man. A very good part this season.
  • Father. Aged 50’s to 60’s, he’s one of the greatest soldiers in Westeros- a humorless martinet, severe and intimidating. He demands martial discipline in the field and in his home. It’s described as “a very good part” for next year and that he’s “centrally involved” in a protagonist’s storyline.
  • Mother, in her 50’s. She’s a sweet, plump, and adoring mother, and has a soft spot for one of her children who benefits from her decency.
  • Sister, in her early 20s. She’s a kind, friendly and unpretentious woman.
  • Brother, in his early to mid-20’s . Athletic, a good hunter, an excellent swordsman, manly, not particularly bright but the favourite child of the father.
  • Priest, in his 40’s or 50’s. A gruff ex-soldier who found religion. Now a no-nonsense rural priest who ministers to the poor of the countryside. He’s salt-of-the-earth man who has weathered many battles.
  • Leading Actress, in her early 40’s, she’s an elegant actress with a traveling theatre company. Fun, charismatic, rum-drinking actress in the troupe.
  • Priestess. Mid-20’s to early 30’s. Any ethnicity- she’s beautiful, intense, and magnetic.
  • Fierce Warrior, a tall man in 30’s or 40’s with a powerful physique. They’re looking for someone with “mixed ethnicity” for the role.
  • A large boy, with an actor who is 10-12 but playing 7 or 8. He’s described as “a clever boy” who seems too large for his age. He’s big and tall but not fat. “Characterful squat features” are a plus for this part. it’s specified that this is a one-time appearance.
  • 12 year old boy, with brown hair and blue eyes. He needs to use a Northern accent. He has scenes where he has to spar with a wooden sword. The length of the role isn’t specified.
  • 7 year old boy with dark brown hair, a narrow face and green eyes. He also has a Northern accent. He also spars with the wooden sword, so it’s safe to assume it’s the same scene. This role is similarly open-ended, the description only stating that the character is being ‘introduced.’


Well, the first two characters should be easy for anyone who’s read the books. The Pirate will undoubtedly be Euron Greyjoy, called the Crow’s Eye. He’s Theon’s Uncle and indeed one of the most fearsome fighters in the series. We may learn a bit more about how the Greyjoys and Euron in particular will fit into the show in the final episodes of Season 5. It will likely include the fate of Balon Greyjoy, Theon’s Father. In the books Balon meets has a fatal, mysterious accident. We’ll see if that stays consistent in the show.

The older soldier is likely Randyll Tarly, Samwell Tarly’s stern and abusive father. The Tarlys are sworn bannermen of House Tyrell and in the books Tarly rides to King’s Landing in an effort to free Margaery from imprisonment. The “critical involvement in a protagonists storyline” puts me in mind of Randyll Tarly’s encounter with Brienne in the books, but Brienne’s show arc has turned out so differently I couldn’t confidently say that that will be the case.

Some fans have speculated the younger characters at the bottom of the list may be young Starks, that is, Brandon, Benjen and Eddard Stark appearing as children in flashback.

The wheels are turning GoT fans!