Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading: Medieval Land Fun-Time World

“Game of Thrones” Bad Lip Reading: Medieval Land Fun-Time World

The popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading is at it again, and their newest feature is a spoof of “Game of Thrones” called “Medieval Land Fun-Time World”. The video, which is compiled from hilariously dubbed show clips, is a pretend trailer based on a medieval amusement park and its employees. The staff includes none other than King Ed, Tyrion, Joffrey and more. Not to mention, lots of flatulence!

“Game of Thrones” is in the process of filming season 4 and we Throners need to have a little something to entertain us in the time that we are waiting; yes, watching the last three seasons on Blu-ray (season three releases in November) is an option, but even better is something funny from You Tube.

So grab the mead and the wenches and enjoy this silly, epic video!