Gaming Cosplay Thursday: A Barbarian Cosplay to Honor the Children of Bul-Kathois


The barbarians, or the Children of Bul-Kathois, of Blizzard’s dungeon crawling, demon slaying epic, Diablo 3, spent their days dwelling in the shadows of Mount Arreat.

They were born and bred and shaped to be as strong and unyielding as the stones of the mountain of which they were born. With their immense size and unparalleled ferocity, the Barbarians where charged from the minute they were born and could hold a weapon like a toy with the responsibility passed through the generations: to protect the scared mountain and the Worldstone within.


When their homeland was shattered and the Worldstone destroyed, many barbarians lost faith and became aimless, leaderless and travelled around without honour or direction, haunted by their past.

British cosplayer, LittleBlondeGoth is one of my personal favorite cosplayers and has constructed some amazing cosplays of characters very close to my heart, such as Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect trilogy and the Barbarian from Diablo 3. I’ve followed her construction on the Diablo 3 Barbarian since she started in and each stroke of paint, each Worbla sheet and shape moulded, and even the axe, THAT AXE, does the Barbarian class a whole world of justice. It is badass and epic and extremely well constructed. This cosplay is an honour to the Barbarians!



Photography by Si Spencer