Gaming Cosplay: Raid Some Tombs with this Lovely Lara Croft Cosplayer


We have followed Lara Croft’s adventures through her video games and movies for decades now. This sexy Tomb Raider has evolved both graphically and also in the depth of her personality and backstory throughout the years. She ranks among the female video game characters like Samus Aran as a strong female protagonist – rare today in video games and even rarer when Tomb Raider first hit the shelves.


Lara Croft’s appearance has changed over the years in a reflection of her primary role to the gamer fans. In the early years, her appeal to the male fans as a sex symbol in the video game world was more apparent in her bustier character design. Today, however, developers have managed to balance her sex appeal while still making her appearance more suitable to her strong persona and outdoor adventures.


The gorgeous Italian cosplayer, Eilare, embodies so many powerful characters ranging from Lara Croft to “Natalie” Drake to Claire Redfield. Eilaire rocks the Jungle Shorts ensemble from Tomb Raider Underworld. Check out her deviantART and Facebook pages to see more of this sexy gamer girl’s epic cosplays!




Photography by Alessio Buzi