Gaming Thursday: Get Jinxed with this Adorable League of Legends Cosplay!


Jinx has taken the cosplay community by storm.  Who wouldn’t want to cosplay her?  Her zainy, slightly psychotic personality along with her best friend, a large cannon named Fishbones, make her a great candidate for cosplay.  However, because of her crazy antics, it takes a certain cosplayer to be able to embody her to their fullest– one who isn’t afraid to get a little kooky, while still look adorable doing it.  Cosplayer ChizuCosplay does just that as she replicates the League of Legends champ who just loves to riddle her opponents with bullets from her machine gun.  Love it!

jinx-cosplay-2 jinx-cosplay-3 jinx-cosplay-4

Photography by Jack Fluck.



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